Friday, 12 December 2014

Term 4 Inquiry Expo

This morning Harakeke held their Term 4 Inquiry Expo.
We have been working on problems we identified around Amesbury School, from how we can quieten loud drumming in our music areas to ways to deal with chatty students in the hub.
We thought of many solutions for our problems,  and then chose the solution we thought was best.
We then went through a number of prototypes, creating solutions to our problems. After each prototype we sought feedback and used this advice to improve our designs.
Today we showed each other our prototypes and our final designs. We discovered that we are extremely creative thinkers and that feedback is very useful in helping us move forward and improve our ideas.
Great design thinking, Harakeke!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Road Patrol Training

Today we were visited by Constable Duncan Ashton....not for behaviour reasons but for road patrol training!
Our year 4 students will be completing a range of leadership roles as year 5s next year, and one of those roles is road patroller. It's an important job and you need careful training to be able to do it properly.
Constable Duncan spent the morning with us, first teaching us the theory around road patrol, and then helping us to put it into practice out on the road.
There is a lot to consider when you are helping people to cross the road safely, such as your level of focus,  noticing the behaviour of people and cars, the volume of your voice and the speed and accuracy of your decisions. Some of us passed our training first time, and some will take a refresher session with Constable Duncan in February.
If you are in Amesbury Drive just before or after school, come along and cross safely with us!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Bye Alisha!

We said goodbye to our wonderfully awesome student teacher today! Alisha did SO well and we wish her all the best. She's going to make a great teacher. Bye Alisha!

Homeward Bound

Our final day of camp.  It started out with a final pack and clean up of military precision. Who knew some of us could mop so well?
Then to the forest for our high and low ropes course. We are all so proud of pushing our own boundaries; every single person went up to the first platform in the trees, which was 8 metres high!
The courses were fantastic and the high course ended with a great flying fox.
Another highlight was having Andrea visit us with Oliver, it was great to see them.
We are now on the train about to head home. See you all soon!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fun in the hills

Fourth day at camp and another big day.
We went caving, finding out about stalagmites and stalactites.  Glow worms helped to light our path, which was twisty and turny at times.
The flying fox was a highlight, with an exciting route across a small river. Many Superman poses were struck!
Dinner back at the Marae was hamburgers we cooked ourselves over home-made fires; thanks for the helpful fire-building tips, Rob Pavan.
Our stealth game has proved a camp highlight,  with tricks, tactics and much swapping of clothes to trick the adults. Bring on round two tonight!
Tomorrow is our ropes course day, with high and low rope options. Then we make our way home on the train. See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Third day at camp

We started our day off by heading to the lake for kayaking and rafting. There were a lot of splashes, squeals and excitement as teams raced each other to the finishing line.
Next, we headed off on a treasure hunt around the lake.  Funny enough, Amaria and Urs's team won.
Then, we headed to the marae and took part in a powhiri.  Ryan T, Ryan H, Khan and Tom shared their mihi.  We supported their mihi by singing 'E Papa Waiari' which is a waiata the children have been learning with Demelza.
We had a fish and chip dinner at the park and headed over to the pool. The hydroslide was a highlight.
Keep an eye on the blog for caving and flying fox fun, tomorrow.

Kayaking & rafting pictures.