Thursday, 11 September 2014

Amesbury All-Stars.

The All-Stars netball team attended the Northern Suburbs prizegiving last night to receive their trophy for winning their grade.  Congratulation girls.  We are very proud of you!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Art Splash 2014

It was a late night, but we had loads of fun!  A big well done to Phoebe and Aimee for their fabulous dance moves.  Ka pai koutou!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Netball Prizegiving.

The Amesbury All-Stars and Amesbury Ferns have had a successful season.  The All-Stars won their grade and their success will be acknowledged on Wednesday night at the Northern Suburbs netball prizegiving. Well done girls!
Debbie Dunbar and Jennifer Jones have worked tirelessly throughout this season.  Many thanks for coaching the girls this season.

Special congratulations to the following children:
Caitlyn - Team Player.
Emily - Most Valuable Player.
Lucy - Most Improved Player.

Sharvi - Team Player.
Emma - Most Valuable Player.
Tais - Most Improved Player.

Emma and Emily - Amesbury School Trophy.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day Three at Ski Camp

We have had another awesome day in the snow.

All children have improved their skiing skills and some of the more confident children went to the top of the slope with some spectacular 'wipe-outs'on their way down!  If you want to know more see Tais and Emma L.

There were other members of the public on the slope and one unfortunate young man had an accident and had to be airlifted to hospital.  The staff at Tukino were fast to react.  This was a timely reminder to slow down and take care.

Liza, Sarah and Dave were amazing ski instructors and showed our children how to control their descent and consolidate their parallel turns.  Being graceful is key, not speed!

We are looking forward to coming home and seeing our families.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day Two at Ski Camp

What a cracker of a day!

The children slept peacefully and woke with an appetite.  We started our day with a range of breakfast options such as porridge, weetbix, spaghetti, baked beans and scrambled eggs.

Many of our children had their first lesson yesterday, so were eager to hit the slopes this morning.  There were lots of squeals, laughter and fun throughout the day.

We ended our day with a movie called Snow Dogs.  As soon as their heads hit their pillow, they were out to it!

Good night all.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day One at Ski Camp

Hi all!

We are all happy campers here in our cosy (and hot) lodge.  The fireplace is amazing!

We had a clear road of snow and arrived fed and happy.  We've had a great afternoon of skiing. Every child has had success on the slopes.  Hannah D is a machine.

Roast chicken, potatoes, broccoli and coleslaw for dinner thanks to Liza and Sarah.  The kids have been great at the dishes so far.  Hot apple pie and custard is cooking away and we are all playing card games, board games and making huts with the cushions.

Due to patchy internet the photos are taking ages to upload.  We'll keep on it and get some up soon.

Good night all!

Amesbury All Stars Netball Final

Come down to support the Amesbury All Stars netball team on Saturday, 11:40am, at Newlands College.

The girls have made it into the FINAL! Woooooo!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Amesbury Ferns.
The Amesbury Ferns have been rotating their positions in accordance with the policy for new and young players.
The team have played extraordinarily well when coming together each week in new positions. The skill development has been wonderful to watch and be part of.
In the final games leading to the end of the competition, the girls are now being played in positions where their skills naturally emerge.
Saturday’s game was competitive and tense with a well-deserved 12-7 win for the Ferns. The flow of the ball was noticeably quicker along with finding space to receive a pass. The final two games are going to be just as exciting!

Amesbury All-Stars.
The last five rounds of the netball season make up the "Championship Round".  We have had three rounds already and the Amesbury All-Stars share the lead in their division, having won three from three.  
Last Saturday's game was played in testing temperatures (not pleasant as a spectator!) but the girls performed admirably.  Tight defence made it hard for their opposition, the Crofton Down Flames, to get the ball down their end.  On attack, the Amesbury girls worked well as a team, moving the ball quickly down the court, finishing off most opportunities.  Some stellar shooting from Tais (our player of the day) and Emma Law saw the All-Stars achieve a 20-5 win.
There are two rounds to go in the competition and the next two games are likely to be hard fought battles. Watch this space…

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Being insiders in our learning

In Harakeke Hub we are working hard to show 'insiderness' in our learning. This means we are 'inside' our own learning; we take responsibility for, and control over, our own learning.
We have four iGroups: Introducing, Initiative, Independent and Insider. Students decide where they think they are currently working, depending on the decisions they are making to help their own learning. They all set goals each week so they can improve their ability to manage their own learning and their time. At the end of each week they reflect on how they have gone with their goal.
Here are some extracts from student reflections to show how we are thinking about our learning:

* The thing I need to improve on is to sign in every morning because this morning I completely forgot to sign in and left to do milk monitoring. I decided to move myself down to initiative. The thing I need to do to move back up to independent is to sign in 5 times in a row.

*My OTJ goal is that every time I do a piece of writing it's my best work. The thing that I have done to work towards this is to try to use everything that I have learned to create my piece of writing; I also try to lure them in with a great intro.

*My goal is to contribute to small group conversations; I have done this by talking more in reading circles. I have achieved my goal this week because I talked as much as I could with out giving a spoiler alert.

As you can see, we are all working hard to know as much as we can about ourselves as learners. This helps us to make good choices that help our learning.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Meeting Marcus

Today we have been listening to Marcus Akuhata-Brown. He came to talk to us about leadership and the importance of good decisions.
He was amazing! He has such an important story to share and we loved listening to him.
Marcus is coming back tonight to talk to parents and whanau. We hope to see lots of you there.

Redwood Services Trophy

On Sunday I attended the Tawa Swimming Club prize giving awards, where I received the Redwood Services Trophy for winning this years 9 Year Old Girls Championship.  The Championship covered 5 races, of which I won 4 of them.  The prize giving was held at the Amesbury School Hall and I got to meet Paralympic Gold Medalist Mary Fisher.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Term 3 Electives

It's that time again....electives!
Please sign up using the form below. Make sure that you wait until the teachers have explained the different options available before signing up, so you have all the necessary information to make a good choice. This explanation will happen on Tuesday after lunch.
If you are in the Art Splash choir you do not need to choose an elective, as you will be practicing for Art Splash as your elective.
Happy choosing!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Super Science!

In our science rotation this week, we did an experiment called "Magic Milk" to test surface tension.  First, we poured some milk into a bowl, then we added red, blue and yellow food colouring.  We observed that the food colouring stayed together in a pool.  Next, we dipped a cotton bud into some dishwashing liquid and placed it into the middle of our milk.  We were amazed at what happened!  "Whoooah!" were the cries of excitement.

Our conclusion for the experiment was that the milk had strong surface tension which meant that the food colouring pooled together.  However, when the dishwashing liquid was added, it broke the surface tension which caused all the milk molecules and food colouring molecules to get mixed up.  Look at our amazing results!

Here is the link to the experiment if you would like to try it at home: Magic Milk

Friday, 1 August 2014

Presenting Oliver Rex Smith

Meet the newest member of our hub! Congratulations to Andrea and Bruce.
I am sure Oliver will be trained up soon to laminate and cut out resources, a true teacher's child!
We look forward to meeting him soon.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Welcome to the world Oliver Rex Smith!

Huge congratulations to Andrea and Bruce on the birth of their son, Oliver Rex.
Ollie was born last night and is happy and healthy, weighing in at 9lb, 6.5oz.
Photos to follow soon.